PreSeries Dashboard

The PreSeries’ Dashboard is the perfect tool to get predictions on startups and investors. Focus on signals, not noise.

The PreSeries Dashboard is a high-level predictive solution for investors and entrepreneurs alike, highlighting trends and predictions related to early-stage companies, investors, and industry areas. The PreSeries Dashboard unique data-driven approach aims to filter the noise and help you concentrate on what matters.

Company Profiles

Every company listed in PreSeries comes with a profile page featuring key performance indicators. The central elements of the company profiles are the PreSeries predictive scores, they represent a company’s current likelihood of success from a global, country and industry perspective. Also featured, predictive scores to estimate the long-term status of the selected company (IPO, acquisition, running, zombie and defunct), including an estimated time frame in which a successful exit is most likely to happen. A company profile page also includes information about funding and various other metrics such as influence, traction, employee count and more. An historical graph is available for every metric in order to track their evolution over time. For every company, PreSeries generates a list of competitors (in terms of offering) and a list of similar companies (in terms of financing) to compare with.

Company Rankings

In Company Trends, we offer the easiest way to get chronological insights on the following trends over time: the amount of founded and closed companies, companies who received funding, went IPO or got acquired. It is also possible to get time relative charts on the following trends: time to close, time to IPO, time to be acquired and time to be funded. Available search filters are currently “company status” (Running, Acquired, Acqui-Hired, IPO, Zombie and Closed), “country”, “city”, “areas” and “time period”. Currently, PreSeries generates two kinds of company rankings. In the “Top Company” section, companies are ranked based on their overall score. In the “movers and shakers” section, companies are ranked based on their recent increase in their overall score.

Investor Rankings

Similar to companies, you can search for investors based on various criteria (Name, location, stage, area and period). The “comparison tool” (automated scatterplot) is useful to compare specific investors based on their metrics and performance. The PreSeries Top Investors feature allows you to search, filter and rank investors according to your own criteria (name, country, city, preferred investment stage, areas of investment and time period). For each investor the following insights are shown: countries, cities, preferred stages and areas of investment as well as the number of companies invested in, the number of investment rounds and the total amount invested overall. Similar to companies, each investor has its own PreSeries score representing an assessment of its overall performance.

Investor Comparison Tool

The PreSeries Investors Comparison feature offers a dynamic scatterplot to easily compare the portfolio of investors, incubators, accelerators, etc. using two of the following variables at once: Investments, Invested Amounts, Funded Companies, Areas, Countries, Cities, Stages, Investment (success or unsuccess), Invested Amount (success or unsuccess), Funded Companies (success or unsuccess), Areas (success or unsuccess), Countries (success or unsuccess), Cities (success or unsuccess), Stages (success or unsuccess), and Score.

Areas: Rankings

Similar to companies and investors, PreSeries offers the possibility to search for areas and rank them following various criteria (Name, location, stage, status and period). The “comparison tool” (automated scatterplot) is useful to compare specific areas based on their metrics and performance. The PreSeries Top Areas feature allows you to search, filter and rank areas by name, country, city, investment stage, predicted status and time period. For each area the following insights are available: countries, cities and stages of investment as well as the aggregated number of investment rounds and total amount invested.

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