PreSeries for Alexa

Transform your Alexa into a top business analyst to help you predict the success of startups

The PreSeries for Alexa skill will score any startup in real-time by just answering a number of questions generated by a Machine Learning model trained on data from hundreds of thousands of companies, entrepreneurs, patents, investors, rounds of financing, and IPOs.

Easy Activation

Enabling the PreSeries Alexa Skill is easy: simply ask Alexa to enable PreSeries and enter your PreSeries account credentials so you can load your own models.

Early-stage Investment meets Voice Predictions

Load the Machine Learning model you are interested with a simple voice command, and let Alexa take you through the questions needed to make predictions.

Download Skill

Powerful Business Inquiries

Ask Alexa about current and past trends, performance of investors, hottest areas to invest in, and more.

PreSeries Alexa Documentation

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